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🧼Washer/Washing Machine Repair

The only thing worse than doing laundry, is not being able to do it at all. Call us today so that we can help those piles of clothes disappear. Then you'll only have to worry about folding it all.

- Washer won't start

- Washer won't spin

- Banging Noises Coming from Washer

- Washer not draining water

- Clothes still soaking wet after cycle

Clothes lines are a thing of the past, and hanging your clothes randomly around the house isn't much better. Let our appliance repair techs get your dryer running again and save you the hassle.

- Dryer won't turn on

- Dryer isn't heating

- Dryer not spinning

- Loud noises coming from dryer

🍳Oven, Stove, Range Repair

Hand-washing the dishes with a large family is a never-ending task. A working dishwasher can save you hours of elbow grease and more time to spend with loved ones.

- Dishwasher won't start

- Water leaking onto floor

- Dishwasher not draining

- Dishes still dirty after cycle

🌊 Dishwasher Repair

Whether you're cooking a new dish or recreating an old family recipe, proper temperature is everything. Stern Appliance Repair can breathe life back into your range, so you can continue to make magic in the kitchen.

- Oven won't heat

- Food is undercooked

- Gas burner won't ignite

- Range surface element won't turn on

- Oven takes a long time to preheat

- Electric burner gets too hot

🌡️ Dryer Repair

Our Appliance Repair Services

Opening your fridge and finding out your food is spoiling is an unforeseen disaster. A broken fridge can not only throw a wrench into your daily routines, but also sabotage your holidays and planned events. Don't waste thousands of dollars on a new one, instead have us fix it so you can focus on the more important areas of your life.

- Fridge not getting cold

- Freezer not freezing

- Ice maker not making ice

- Water leaking from fridge

- Fridge making noises.

❄️Refrigerator/ Fridge Repair

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